About Us


We are a small team consisting of myself and my gorgeous Cavapoo puppy named Bella -  the fluffy inspiration behind this Toy boutique! Bella is our fun-loving CEO and we would love you to follow Bella's adventures on instagram 


When Bella joined our family, I found myself instantly immersed into the glorious world of dog accessories shopping. I found ranges of high quality and unique pieces, but noticed straight away that toy shopping was not quite so much fun or 'fashion conscious'  and indeed even boring - something that toys should never be! So... I decided to fill this void with my

'Pooches & Co. Toy Boutique' - bringing high quality, stylish plush toys to your dog's life!

We carefully select only the best toys  - ones we would happily give to our own fluffy friends  - Bella, of course, plays an important role in toy testing and quality/fun control!

If it doesn't impress Bella, it doesn't make the cut!

Please do follow our journey on instagram 

We hope you enjoy our collection! We'd love to hear from you .

Nikki  & Bella